My name is Angela and I live in the very beautiful Scottish Borders with my family, two adorable West Highland Terriers and three very mischievious hens, Dorothy, Mrs Pepperpot and Fluffles who provide us with daily amusements and of course eggs!  Which means lots of yummy cakes and an ever expanding waist band! 
You can't beat tea and cake!

Ticketty Boo was born in 2008 as a direct result of my youngest starting full time school and me going into panic mode, and not being able to find products that I wanted myself!

I have always loved all things crafty and grew up surrounded by it watching my Mum sew, knit, crochet, rag rugging, restoring old furniture - you name it she did it!  I must have taken a lot more in than I realised at the time and the craft gene must have been passed to me!  Sadly, she died long before I created Ticketty Boo and I know she would have been extremely proud.  I still have and use a lot of her equipment and she is still a huge inspriation and guiding force to me.  I, therefore, put a lot of love into what a create and I hope this shows in the products and my shop which I just love.  I always had a dream that I would be able to make and sell things and have a fantastic workshop - just goes to show that dreams do come true!

Why Ticketty Boo - well I use lots of ticking fabric in my designs and my family call me "Boo" - put the two together and that sums up how I feel about my products 'Ticketty Boo'

           "Ticketty Boo (tik'i te boo') adjective : everything in order, just as it should be"

You can find me at my workshop at The Hirsel Country Estate in Coldstream in the Scottish Borders.  Please see 'Visiting the Shop' for more information.


                                                                                       Angela x